Advantages of GRC

  • Light weight


* GRC normally have a skin thickness of between 10 to 20mm which results in comparatively low component weight (approximately 1/5 in weight of precast concrete).


* This light weight offers substantial cost savings in:

- Transportation

- On-site storage

- Handling


  • Mouldability / Flexibility in design


* GRC has a wide flexibility in design and manufacture which enables it to reproduce faithfully most architectural styles and features.


* GRC is able to replicate virtually various surface detail and to reproduce the appearance of materials, such as:

- Granite

- Slate

- Limestone / sandstone

- Wood

- Metal


  • Architectural Fascia & Building Cladding Elements


* Cladding materials:


One of the most popular applications of GRC in the construction industry world-wide is its use as external cladding material for :

- Industrial buildings

- Commercial buildings

- Residential buildings

  • Excellent environmental performance


* GRC is a fire-rated material with class “O” rating.

It has excellent acoustic performance and is resistant to ultra-violet degradation.


* GRC does not corrode and is safe to handle on site which directly reduce the scale of environmental pollution.


* Low rate of carbonation

Independent carbonation tests show that GRC provides:

- Greater level of steel reinforcement protection

- Greater resistance to chloride penetration


* Good noise reduction

- A typical 10mm thickness of GRC with a surface mass of 20kg/m² will have average noise reduction of about 30 dB.

- Doubling the thickness will increase the noise reduction to 35 dB.


* Low permeability / Non-combustible / Low maintenance

- GRC can be moulded to any required shape.

- GRC is hard and impermeable needing very low maintenance.

- GRC accepts wide range of surface finishes.

- GRC has excellent impact resistance and is fire-resistant.


* Factory quality control

GRC offers maximum quality control under:

- Factory conditions. GRC matrix, humidity, temperature and curing time are closely monitored to ensure strength, durability and accuracy of products.


* Weather resistant

GRC demonstrates its excellence notably with ability to withstand:

- High wind pressure

- Moisture

- Frost

- Airborne sand

- Excellent thermal and noise insulation capability

* Fast erection on site

Speed-up construction programme because of fast erection of GRC provides economic advantage to developers:

- Attractive design of GRC surfaces accomplished in factory reduces the amount of time needed for surface treatments on site.

- On site labor cost & the cost of interim financing are minimized.


* Reduction in the use of external scaffolding.

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